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Q: Can we buy ye lads a round of drinks?

A: Ah sure go on so.

Q: What'll you have?

A: Click here for the answer

Q: Where can we see the Merry Ploughboys play?

A: You can the lads playing almost all year round at the Merry Ploughboy Pub, Rockbrook, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. 

The Merry Ploughboys "Live in Concert" show includes a performance by both the Merry Ploughboys and champion Irish Dancers. A banquet menu is available, but it is also possible to book for entertainment only. 

Early booking is advisable as the popularity of the show leads to bookings many months in advance, particularly for Friday and Saturday nights. To enquire about availability for a particular night you can e-mail Imelda at or by phoning +353-1-4931495.  

Q: Where are the Merry Ploughboys from?

A: Dublin!

Q: Do the Merry Ploughboys ever tour outside Ireland?

A: Yes, we have played in Iceland, Spain, the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Finland. If you are organising an Irish night or festival in your own country and would like us to play, contact us and let us know.

Q: How long are the band together?

A: The Merry Ploughboys are celebrating performing together for twenty years this year (2009). One of the highlights of our time together to date was our sell out 10th anniversary concert in Vicar Street Dublin. The night turned out to be a huge reunion in itself for all our friends fans and family. Particularly welcome to the gig were those who flew from overseas especially to be with us on the night!

Q: Do you do weddings?

 A: Only with a lot of drink taken.

Q: Did the Merry Ploughboys appear on an episode of Lovejoy?

 A: Yes, in an episode shot in Ireland called Irish Stew. 

Q: Are you the merry cowboys / merry ploughmen /  merry playboys / merry plowboys ?

 A: Sure we're only young fellas yet and that's why we're called the Merry PloughBOYS

Q: Are you the guys that used to run the Irish Night at Taylors Three Rock?

 A: Yes, the Merry Ploughboys established Taylors Irish Night in 1999 which took place at Taylors Three Rock before the band purchased their own pub in 2006.

Q: Are you the Merry Ploughboys that played in Johnny Foxes?

 A: Yes, the Merry Ploughboys were the anchor band in Johnny Foxes from 1989 to 1998.


Irish Music CD01 - Live by the LiffeyIrish Music CD01 - UnharnessedIrish Music CD03 - "MP3"Irish Music CD04 - "Live in Concert"
Irish Music CD01 - Live by the LiffeyIrish Music CD01 - Live by the LiffeyIrish Music CD01 - Live by the LiffeyIrish Music CD01 - Live by the Liffey

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