Come Take My Hand

Liam Heneghan Come take my hand was composed by Liam. Don't be shy - sing out for Ireland!

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Come take my hand and sing for Ireland
The island of dreams with it's valleys so green
For the skies oh so blue and the friends we once knew
For the mountains so grand, come take my hand.

Swing side by side and remember with pride
The brave men who fought for our country and died
From the Shannons clear waters to the shores of loch Dan
I'll be there with you if you come take my hand

Sing for one nation, proud, Gaelic and free
Though so long divided, united are we
We'll all join together, one people we'll stand
Shoulder to shoulder if you come take my hand

We're all back in Ireland and that's where we'll stay
No more will travel, no longer we'll stray
We'll sing out for Ireland and drink we'll demand
I'll be there with you if you come take my hand