MacNamara’s Band / If you’re Irish
Trad. Arr. Merry Ploughboys


My name is Macnamara,

I'm the leader of a band,

And though we're small in number,

We're the greatest in the land.

Of course l'm the conductor

And l've often had to play

With all the fine musicians

That you read about today.



The drums they bang, the cymbals clang,

The horns they blaze away,

Macarthy puffs the ould bassoon,

Doyle (And I) the pipes does play.

Hennessey tuteily tootles the flute,

The music is something grand,

And a credit to ould Ireland's boys

Is Macnamara's Band.


Whenever an election's on

We play on either side,

And the way we play the fine ould airs

Fills every heart with pride.

If dear Tom Moore was living now

He'd make them understand

That none can do him justice

Like ould Macnamara's Band.




We play for fairs or weddings

And for every County Ball,

And at any great man's funeral

We play "The Dead March in Saul."

When General Grant to Ireland came

He shook me by the hand,

And said he never heard the like

Of ould Macnamara's Band.




Just now we are practicing

For a very grand affair,

It's an annual celebration,

All the gentry will be there.

The girls and boys will all turn out

With flags and colours grand,

And in front of the procession

Will be Macnamara's Band.