Lark In The Morning

Trad. Arr. Merry Ploughboys

Chorus:         The lark in the morning she rises off her nest
She goes off in the air with the dew all on her breast
And like the Merry Ploughboy she whistles and she sings
She goes home in the evening with the dew all on her wings

Oh, Donal the ploughboy he is a dashing blade
He goes whistling and singing over yonder leafy glade
He met with dark eyed Susan, she's handsome I declare
She is far more enticing then the birds all in the air


As they were coming home from the rakes of the town
The meadow being all mown and the grass it being cut down
As they should chance to tumble all in the new-mown hay
Oh, it's kiss me now or never, this young girl she did say


Twenty long weeks they were over and were past
Her mother asked the reason why she thickened round the waist waist
It was the Merry Ploughboy, the maiden she did say
For he asked me to tumble all on the new-mown hay


Here's a health to you ploughboys wherever you might be
That likes to have a bonnie lass a sitting on each knee
With a pint of good strong porter he'll whistle and he’ll sing
And a ploughboy is as happy as a prince or a king

Chorus: X2