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Liam Heneghn / Merry Plouhgboys

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I've worked in Dublin's Docklands For thirty five long years
I made me name in old Ringsend playing darts and drinking beer
But now those days are over and I don't know what to do
Me head is wrecked me nerves are wrecked I've Celtic Tiger Flu

And me head is turning blue with this Celtic Tiger Flu
The dockers once so plentiful are now a lonely few
The buildings are all rising and the rent is rising too
I'm going to break if I can't shake this Celtic Tiger Flu

The Local's been refurbished I thought that it was fine
It's hard to get a drink there now unless you're drinking wine
The dartboard walls been taken down to build a ladies loo
And bouncers vet the drinking set for Celtic Flu


Me daughter's up in Drogheda she bought a house up there
One son is down in county Meath and the other's in Kildare
The Dubs have all been scattered from here to Timbucktoo
They take the train to break the strain of Celtic Tiger Flu


The neighbour's now a lawyer financially O.K.
His low fat milk and Irish Times are dropped in every day
He's got a brand new sports car and a gas fired barbecue
I'm not surprised he's immunised from Celtic View


They say that this is progress I guess it must be so
With Motorways and mobile phones and Techno Radio
The Mercs and Beamers everywhere it's like a bloody zoo
I'm growing old and getting cold from Celtic Tiger